Libby often works one-on-one with coaching clients to help them accelerate or implement their leadership visions.

Coaching can include some or all of the following:

-6-12 month programs

-unlimited access via email and phone

-regularly scheduled coaching sessions

-identification of 3-5 specific goals, measurements and progress check-ins

-real-time brainstorming and discussion

-guidance and affirmation regarding project implementation or team development (as a follow-up to other projects)

-Total Immersion days, including the 8 Element Assessment for Wholehearted Living

Working one-on-one with Libby through a coaching program will improve your performance, help you to gain insight into your relationships, improve your communication, increase your effectiveness, and wrangle your life balance.

Typical coaching engagement allows you to:

-clarify your purpose, vision and mission

-set some challenging yet reasonable goals

-gain insight into how others perceive you

-shift or change behaviors to improve effectiveness

-craft and hone your language skills for greater impact and powerful results

Libby’s been a tremendous influence on my life. I’ve been touched by her personal feedback and encouragement and her assistance in building my network. I regularly share her teachings while mentoring and coaching colleagues and her methods helped me to secure a coveted new role within Philips.

As a small business owner she is an inspiration for women considering breaking free from corporate America. She emulates how taking a risk to follow your heart can never be wrong. How working hard to grow and build, to evolve to meet market needs and being genuine can really pay off.

Tami Lambet
Transformation Consultant / WINergy Seattle co-Founder / Sr. Operations Manager – Global Logistics, Philips North America

Libby delivers a unique brand of management consulting services that enhance a leadership team’s skills by encouraging more creativity in communication and thought patterns. By firmly merging artistic impulses with management techniques, and inspiring managers to view the world around through the lens of a poet as she does, Libby encourages more warmth and humanity in the increasingly detached relationship between manager and workers in American businesses. She is a unique figure in a highly competitive field, and she is equally effective working with executives at Fortune 500 companies as she is in helping a small business owner bring focus and new life to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Shahar Plinner
CEO, GPL Tax & Accounting, Inc.

What better business to be in than one that facilitates leaders and the organizations they serve in seeing greater possibilities for themselves? And Libby doesn’t stop there; step by thoughtful step she enables leaders and their teams to move gracefully into those possibilities with confidence and compassion (a marvelous combination if you ask me).

My personal and professional experience with Libby reveals her as a woman of skill and insight into human needs and aspirations. This knowledge allows leaders like myself to harness the collective talents of my staff and lead volunteers for powerful ends.

I can’t say enough good things about Libby Wagner!

Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD
Senior Minister & Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living

I’ve recently stepped into a greater leadership role within our company. Libby’s coaching and expertise has been invaluable as I have made this transition. At 31, I am our Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, and I am seeing our company through much of its rapid growth. I’m also a woman, guardian of two rescue dogs, and avid hiker and appreciator of the outdoors. Libby recognizes all of these things, and as she often says, she thinks of the goal of work/life balance to be less about a balancing act between two separate lives and more a process of integration: our joy in work and life must meet and give a little bit to each other and in return. Libby’s coaching and, ultimately, her example, illustrate this principle for me. When I see someone as passionate about their work as Libby, I see not their “work”, but their life’s work, their mission, their passion, their meaning. In Libby’s example, I see someone who not only given herself the quest of a full life’s mission and joy, but also the quest of helping others realize theirs as well.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

“Working with Libby for the last six months has been the most transformative experience of my career. Libby has supported me through launching my business and has catapulted my success. I learn from every conversation, story and experience with Libby. She has given me the gift of finding my true voice and taught me the powerful impact of language in both business and life.

Anyone who has the privilege to work with Libby will look back and wonder what they did without her!”

Val Wright
President, Val Wright Consulting, LLC

“I knew that Libby would be able to coach me well on how to build a consulting business and how to successfully market myself. What I failed to realize was how well her talents as a writer and speaker would help me find exactly the right words to connect with clients.   She intuitively knew my style, and coached me on what to say in specific situations. Where I couldn’t find the words, Libby was able to put herself in my shoes and model which questions would be most powerful to ask, and what follow up responses and stories would be most compelling. And as she taught me, my confidence increased, which made me more successful as I went after new business!  Libby is truly a gifted coach and linguist.”
Beverly Emerson
President, Olive Tree Product Development

“I wanted to bring in larger, longer-term contracts. Goal accomplished! Within two months of working with Libby, my business transformed. I had numerous contracts in place throughout the year, giving me a newfound sense of financial security. Libby became a valued treasure for me. Whenever I had a question, she always provided valuable feedback and advice. I found myself often writing down her exact words, because she use of language was direct, respectful and spot on. If you want to grow and learn, work with Libby Wagner.”

Jean Hamilton
Speaking Results Founder & Principal

“Libby, working with you has changed my life. I learned to open my eyes, be clear with others and demand to clearly see the truth. I wish more people had the opportunity to spend time with you.”

Tim Rants
OilTrap Environmental Products Inc.

“I was a bit uneasy bringing a coach into the organization because prior coaching experiences had delivered large bills without much to show for the expense. Working with Libby has been a breath of fresh air. Libby guided our team to agreement on the culture we wanted as a team and as an organization. She also provided us with communication tools (Core Dimensions and Influencing Skills) applicable to any communication — be it work, home, or social events”

Mike Hassing
CEO Family Health Centers

“I am writing to formally thank you and acknowledge the extraordinary mentoring that I received from you. What a gift! I am appreciative of your wisdom, patience, and sharing of your experiences. I am continuing to work with the many models you shared.”

Lyn L. Jeffress
President & CEO Imagined Future, Inc.