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I’m excited to share a completely new and different opportunity for those who are looking for the ultimate professional development opportunity!

I will be collaborating with the poet David Whyte, as well as brilliant organizational development experts Craig Fleck and Mitch Saunders, as a member of the Invitas faculty. I invite you to join us for this new certification series preparing individuals, leaders and consultants to work with the central principles of conversational leadership.

Individuals will participate in three, three-day sessions taking place over a year, beginning October 2014 and ending in May 2015. Participants will emerge with a deeper sense of articulation and virtuosity around their own contribution to the leadership conversation, a foundational understanding of David’s and Invitas’ work and approach and its practical application to organizations, and most especially, a closer understanding of their own artful, courageous way of holding the leadership conversation. They will also become part of a network of practitioners who could be called on for Invitas’ future corporate work.

The curriculum will cover seven elements in making courageous conversations real, outlined by David Whyte through more than twenty five years of organizational experience and practiced in parallel by the Invitas team.

  • Stopping the conversation you or the organization are having now.
  • Cultivating a friendship with the unknown: The disciplines of asking beautiful questions.
  • Coming to ground: Making contact with the courageous conversation.
  • Cultivating robust vulnerability: Moving the conversation along what David calls ‘the axis of vulnerability’. Asking for visible and invisible help.
  • Artistry: Developing and practicing your own form of artistry.
  • Making the invitation: The crucial marker of good leadership.
  • Bringing in the harvest: The ability to bring to a culmination all of the hard work we put into our preparation through the first six elements.

The course is designed to be deeply satisfying on a personal, physical and professional level. We take your own approach and what we see as your own artistry, (even if you do not believe you have one) seriously, and help to hone your physical voice, your ‘conversational presence’ in a room, and your verbal articulation and combine it with David’s and the Invitas team’s perspectives to create an experience beyond the ordinary.

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Libby Wagner
Author: Libby Wagner

Libby makes her home in a lovely West Seattle neighborhood in a house with turquoise walls and an amazing view of the Puget sound and Olympic mountains. A former Air Force “brat”, she continues to bounce from one corner of the world to the other, working with Fortune 500 clients, hopeful artists and authors, and aspiring entrepreneurs. She has a Master’s in Fine Arts and Poetry from Eastern Washington University where she also began working in the Writers in the Prison program.