Approach your work and career in a completely unique way—how will this year be different?

Are you ready for a new horizon in your work?

Are you willing to let go of what’s not working?

Are you anticipating the courageous conversations of the next journey of your business?

Now is the perfect time to look to the future while also honoring the present. Paradigms of leadership and organizational life are shifting and changing.

Are you ready to:

assess current strengths

honor your foundations

identify your top 3

break out of ordinary thinking

harvest hidden artistry


Libby delivers a unique brand of management consulting services that enhance a leadership team’s skills by encouraging more creativity in communication and thought patterns. By firmly merging artistic impulses with management techniques, and inspiring managers to view the world around through the lens of a poet as she does, Libby encourages more warmth and humanity in the increasingly detached relationship between manager and workers in American businesses. She is a unique figure in a highly competitive field, and she is equally effective working with executives at Fortune 500 companies as she is in helping a small business owner bring focus and new life to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Shahar Plinner
CEO, GPL Tax & Accounting, Inc.

We’d given up hope finding a business consultant that would “get us” – a consultant who would understand our entrepreneurial spirit, our commitment to strive to do the “right thing”, a consultant that would support our company by helping to establish the structure that would support our rapid growth.

And then we were referred to Libby Wagner by a trusted friend. When we first began to work with Libby, we were cautiously optimistic, and in the first two months working together, that cautious optimism turned into solid trust and, well, awe.

Libby not only “gets” us – she knows us and truly values the things that make us who we are and set us apart from the competition. We’re innovators and Libby truly supports that: she recognizes that risk is a part of business, a part of the creative process.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

The two phases of Create and Innovate:

 1. Cielo Blu: each organization or group needs to engage in the innovative conversation of “blue sky,” where imagination and creativity are nourished, encouraged and supported. This is essential to fulfill the mission of the organization or team, and is often the phase that ordinary teams pass by or undervalue. Libby will facilitate an interactive, energized, completely different (prepare to be surprised!) experience where each participant must move to the creative edge of his or her artistry and thinking in order to identify new and surprising ways to do the work of the organization. Provocative and stimulating. Here’s where you find your brilliant, breakthrough ideas!

2. La Terraferma: what is the “solid ground” you need to actually implement and execute your creative, innovative ideas? In this phase, the poetic meets the pragmatic, and you get to ask and answer the questions about how you will actually map out your plan, create actions and measurements that allow your vision to come to pass in the business world. Libby’s practical approach helps you bridge the gap between the blue sky of Cielo Blu and the specifics of Terraferma without becoming mired in massive notebooks or charts no one will actually use. Here’s where we make it real.



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