Finding Your Voice in Your Work: A Program for Leaders!

A Special New Program with Poet, Author, and Speaker, Libby Wagner


Part Performance. Part Conversation. All Inspiration.


Business leaders are on the edge of a particular and exciting frontier—a time for harvesting your most creative approaches to your work, your life and your sense of wholeheartedness in the world.

The purpose of our day together is to inspire you to find and use your own voice, which  . . .

-contributes to your success

-allows you to tap into greater resources for creativity

-supports a life of artistry and integrity

We will explore these important questions: 

How do you find and claim your voice?

How do you use your voice in your work and in your world?

What language is the best language for you?

Why does your own artistry matter in your innovative, creative approach to your own work?

Why does your business need your creative genius and how can it support you to the benefit of all?


This is no ordinary workshop or seminar.

Are you ready for something extraordinary? Something completely different that allows you to dive into your work in a completely refreshed, energized and different way?


Ready to Harvest Your Own Hidden Artistry?

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