Inspiration for Your Journey!

When we sat down to talk about this new website and how we might want it to look and feel, one of the most important aspects for me was that it felt inspiring. I wanted to make sure that my own corner of the web provided a place where people could return, time and time again, to take a moment out of their day to read or listen to a poem, find the courage to use their voice in the way they are being called to speak, or maybe even find words when they are struggling to choose words of their own. 

There are many areas where you can find inspiration. Here’s a quick navigation menu for those of you who prefer to jump right in!

Under musings (my blog), you’ll find brief entries that reveal how a poet sees the world daily.

There is also a video library which contains vlog posts, performance clips, as well as interview content. 

If you are the type who likes to have a physical object to hold in your hands while you’re curled up in your favorite chair, then the creations page is the perfect place for you to explore. This is where you’ll find my books, as well as any CDs, DVDs, or professional articles and papers I’ve written.

One of my favorite sections is the poetry page. I’ve selected some of my favorite poems to share with you. These poems are taken from my poetry books and span several decades of writing. For me, this is my chance to show you a bit of my history, and is my official hello to you! You can find out more about using these poems or sharing them by visiting our permissions page.

If you would like to see me in person, or get an idea of what a Libby Live event is like, visit the events page. This will have my upcoming tour calendar which has events that are open to the public as well as events where I’m working with one of my corporate clients. This is the place to bookmark if you want to keep track of where I am and if I’ll be in your area!

Lastly, I’ve devote a page to some of my favorite people in the world, my artist partnersThese are people who inspire me deeply with their own work, who I think will also inspire you! Please check out their bios and websites and check back here often, as I add to this section as I collaborate and meet new people!


It is my hope that these various pages help you connect to your own inner artist and allow you to “become the poet of your own life!”

And, if you’ve read something or have something inspirational to share with me, let me know! Or, if you think we should collaborate, share your idea. Lastly, if you want to find out more about working with me, click here!


Now go get INSPIRED!

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Libby Recites One of Her Favorite Poems, “Why I Rise Early” by Mary Oliver.

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