La Bella Luna di Raccolta

This poem is a tribute to that magical, transformative journey of Italy in 2010. Here, I quote David Whyte’s telling us about “real life,” and share image after image of this rich, deep experience. Notice that the “you” in the poem is ambiguous: it could be Italy itself, it could be someone special, it could be my new found friends. The last line, especially, is a tribute to my fellows and most notably to Lori di Mori, who reminded me that cooking is not only a gift you give to others, but also to yourself. My promise, after Italy, was to keep this in mind. Nourishing oneself, and those we love, is a deep calling of a fragmented world.


This poem, the title poem of Libby’s latest poetry book, is really about those juxtapositions we experience as human beings: natural beauty and mechanical noise, great experiences and the stress of modern technology. “Let me be able for this,” is really a borrow from my friends the Ó Súilleabháin brothers, Owen and Moley, two talented and gifted Irish musicians. To be able for something, in Ireland, is to be strong enough, courageous enough, fit for it. And, in the end, it is about experiencing the joys we get from “all of it,” no matter how dark or light. Notice the opposites, throughout.


Libby was recently interviewed on “Get Sophistigayted” a radio show featured on Transformation Talk Radio. Titled “Speak Up! Are you Standing Strong in Your Own Voice?” this show highlights Libby’s latest work. The cost of not speaking in your own voice is living a life you don’t intend. Learn how to step into your own congruence by choosing language that matters, that influences, that allows you to uncover your hidden artistry.


 from Libby Wagner & Dan Weedin

danweedinHe’s the insurance “go to guy” with loads of sports metaphors; she’s the poet emphasizing empathy. They couldn’t possibly be more different, but Libby and Dan have a few things in common: improving their clients’ conditions and helping leaders and entrepreneurs make the most of their business lives by paying attention to what matters most. Looking maximize your talents and enrich your life in 2014? Of course you are….keep reading!

Nationally recognized executive coaches Libby Wagner & Dan Weedin reprise their work together on this podcast  aimed at helping business leaders and executives thrive professionally and personally. Libby and Dan will be discussing, debating, and answering questions about how to get a lightning fast start in 2014, while deepening your commitment and engagement in your lives.


Right Foot Forward – 30 minutes (December 2013)


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