“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

If I could build my own library, I would! But, for now, this online version is my next best choice. I’d like you to imagine that you’ve walked into an actual library, full of books on shelves— a place where you can lose a few hours, exploring and reading. On this page, you’ll be able to explore my own personal writing collection. Use the navigation below to check out different types of writing and make sure you come back regularly to see the latest and greatest! 

I suppose this is typically called the “product page” but I really dislike that term! So, I’ve used the word creations to cover not only any CDs or DVDs but also all of my books, both prose and poetry. 

I actually love writing articles and essays about a huge range of topics and ideas. I generally have 4 categories that I use as inspiration: language, courage, humanity, & specificity. I also have a very large collection of published writing, which you can view here.  

One of my favorite sections is the poetry page. I’ve selected some of my favorite poems to share with you. These poems are taken from my poetry books and span several decades of writing. For me, this is my chance to show you a bit of my history, and is my official hello to you! You can find out more about using these poems or sharing them by visiting our permissions page.

Under musings (my blog), you’ll find brief entries that reveal how a poet sees the world daily.



I have a personal practice of writing 1,000 words each day! So there are lots of words waiting to be shared with you. If something you read here helps you or inspires you or leads you to ask some provocative questions, let me know!

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