What will you do with your 90,000 hours?

by Libby Wagner

A collection of favorite and new writings from The Boardroom Poet about how to spend your precious 90,000 hours at work! What you do at work, how you create your relationships, how you craft your conversations, how you show up every day: this is who you are. This is how you create an important, significant part of your life, sometimes with people you didn’t choose. Why not make it amazing? Why not make it at the very least mostly enjoyable? Why not take the challenge to become the best version of yourself and spend those 90,000 hours in a way that inspires you and makes you proud?


Somehow Thumb

by Libby Wagner

Give up describing yourself like this: I’m not really a poetry person. We are all poetry people because we are makers and creators of language. We are the harbingers of expression, and no matter our role, place, job or country, we are longing to be understood. Language is that net we throw out across the great space between us, and like other art forms — music, visual arts, dance, theater, etc. — poetry’s aim is to say the unsayable and draw someone closer as we are connected. This collection was assembled in the hopes that you might enjoy them yourself, you might give it to someone else, you might begin some strange new conversation with, “You know, I have this great poem I really want to share with you…”



Like This Thumb
Like This, Like That

by: Libby Wagner

Collection of Poems: Libby’s first volume of poetry has been called, “an autobiography of the body and soul, and the record of a young girl into womanhood in America,” (Bruce Weigl). Her poems are “intelligent, sad, funny, and always surprising . . . a voice that is muscular, sensual and clear.” (Nance VanWinckel)



TIO thumb


The Influencing Option: 
The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business

by Libby Wagner

In a profit culture, Influencing is always better than commanding or ordering people. Winning your team over is better than ordering them. The Influencing Option actually helps leaders talk to people via a language and philosophy that works for the long-term, supports integrity and drives commitment. And all without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority or guilt. In fact, candor and specificity are among its guiding lights. With a loss of faith in leaders and gross violations of ethical conduct today we need to lead with integrity and develop a commitment culture that is at once transparent, participatory and sustainable. Influencing as a leadership/management strategy fills this need to drive a profit culture.




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