Why Hire A Poet Article-1

Why Hire a Poet to Help Your Business?

Recently, I found myself on a blind date.After the awkward settling in at the table,perfunctory introductions and basics, my date began talking about his business, his travels to Japan, his grown children, his previous jobs, his hobbies. I really was trying to focus, but his voice had this lulling effect. Finally, he seemed to remember that he didn’t actually know me and asked where I went to college. I answered. He followed up in quick succession about where I went to graduate school. I answered. Then he wanted to know what I had studied, “what did you get your degree in?” he asked. “Actually, I have a Master’s in Fine Arts and Poetry,” I replied. “WHY?!” he yelped, with something that can only be described as incredulity. At this point, the date wasn’t really going anywhere, and I so wished that I could’ve come up with some pithy, smart-ass response to such an unfiltered reply, but the truth is, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, to the ordinary blind date guy, having a degree in poetry, being a poet, is a sort of weird thing to bring to the table when you’re a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur? It is a little weird, to be honest, and as I mention in..  Read More 

The World's A Stage Article-1

The World’s A Stage

Many times when I work with clients on redefining their company cultures, they’ve got a strong request: “Get rid of the drama!” Generally, they are referring to the thickening plots of the human space that is work: the twists and turns, the gossip, the betrayals, the secrets and the spies. In many cases, we talk about these very personal dramas as distractions and detractions. Why can’t the just do their jobs? we often wonder when we are embroiled in the latest saga of the stories of our employee’s lives.

We’ve tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to ask people to separate work from home, to leave their lives at the door when they come into our places of work so they can concentrate on the tasks at hand: balancing the books, serving the customers, increasing sales, creating something new that will differentiate us in the marketplace.

And yet . . . these people that work in our businesses cannot actually leave their lives in the parking lot when they show up or work, and because work will make up..  Read More 

State of Grace Article-1

State of Grace

Recently, I was speaking with a man who emigrated with his four children from Africa. He is a pharmacist and his eldest daughter a graduate from Harvard and a medical doctor. He has a delightful smile, a mischievous twinkle and his affable, friendly style is admired by those who know him. At the end of our interview, he asked my advice about something that was of concern. He found that sometimes when he needed to speak in front of groups, he’d begin to experience severe anxiety and nervousness a few days prior. This seemed to be more prevalent when he was to speak to physicians or clinicians, and not to his own team. As a pharmacist, he knew the appropriate dose of Clonazepam to ease his nervousness, and it seemed to help a little, but he still felt like he wanted some other method to appear as the confident, knowledgeable and amiable man he actually was. As we talked further, he shared that as a child..  Read More 

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