Noticing Change

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seattle sunriseIn the span of three hours, the Seattle sky has changed dramatically: pre-dawn dark; then gray closed-in rainy; now pink high clouds, light blue. In three hours, complete transformation. In the span of three hours, a life can change completely, too. In an instant, actually, a turning point, a pivotal moment, a sharp right turn can get us to an entirely different outcome.

One thing about growing older, and paying close attention, is that I realize the infinite content of a moment, an hour, a day, and time seems to move so fast. It must feel very different for Meghan, on her first few days of college, that vast expanse of the unknown stretched out before her in a seemingly endless list of classes, clubs, events, new people, professors, a career not yet declared.

And me, here on a Wednesday morning , the cats unsatisfied with this morning’s breakfast, a few moments here at the page, and one day after another rolling quickly off the reel, like those old movie films before digital: one frame, then another, then another, and another, faster and faster, until the succession of images becomes just one continuous narrative of my life. No intermission.



Libby Wagner
Author: Libby Wagner

Libby makes her home in a lovely West Seattle neighborhood in a house with turquoise walls and an amazing view of the Puget sound and Olympic mountains. A former Air Force “brat”, she continues to bounce from one corner of the world to the other, working with Fortune 500 clients, hopeful artists and authors, and aspiring entrepreneurs. She has a Master’s in Fine Arts and Poetry from Eastern Washington University where she also began working in the Writers in the Prison program.