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ReentryI travel a lot, in comparison to most people. For much of this time, I’ve not been great about what happens before or after my trips. I’ll book appointments and calls right up until my departure, regardless of the length of my “to do” list in order to leave. And often, I’ll have people and events scheduled immediately following my return, regardless of the time zones I’ve crossed over. I’ve noticed in the past few years that those times I don’t do this–run everything on top of each other—my reentry into my life, my work and my relationships is sweeter, less harried and allows me to integrate my travels into my life. It reminds me of the hundreds of conferences I’ve attended and the misfortune of never integrating what I’ve learned by just getting back to “normal” after I return. I recommit myself, now, after this long trip to Ireland, to honoring my journey by allowing a proper reentry. Yes, this week will consist of laundry, grocery shopping, and figuring out the rhythms of the weeks ahead. But this morning was also a mixture of snipping a new bouquet from the garden, finding an Irish traditional music station on Pandora, having a cup of tea in the wee hours of my waking, and taking time to lovingly unpack the gifts I brought back, anticipating their giving. Tomorrow there’s a radio show and later this week a workshop, and when I arrive for those, I’ll carry with me some of my journey, too.








Libby Wagner
Author: Libby Wagner

Libby makes her home in a lovely West Seattle neighborhood in a house with turquoise walls and an amazing view of the Puget sound and Olympic mountains. A former Air Force “brat”, she continues to bounce from one corner of the world to the other, working with Fortune 500 clients, hopeful artists and authors, and aspiring entrepreneurs. She has a Master’s in Fine Arts and Poetry from Eastern Washington University where she also began working in the Writers in the Prison program.