Speaking and Lectures


Sample General Topics

Audiences have enjoyed and benefitted from Libby’s approach to topics that organizations care about by blending the pragmatic with the creative, the philosophical with the sublime. Whether it’s a formal dinner or talk, conference keynote, retreat or seminar, her engaging, interactive style leaves an impression for the long time to come.

1. Leadership Presence: Cultivating Your Voice and Influence

How we show up as leaders is part of our presence. Three elements of presence: Being, Thinking and Doing. Making sure our “voice” (the way we are perceived) is congruent with our intentions.

2. Transformational Communication: Changing Your World One Conversation at a Time

How can you utilize your one-on-one interactions to transform your work, your business’ success and fulfill your organization’s mission? What sort of conversations are you not having with individuals, groups and communities?

3. Company Renaissance: Examine the Elements of Rejuvenating Your Team

Examine the characteristics of a rebirth of your team or organization: culture, intellect, science/processes, humanism and discourse. Are you creating the environment that will allow you to be resilient in a changing world?

4. Courageous Conversations: Saying What Needs to Be Said

Why don’t we speak the truth to the top? Whether you’re at the top and you need to hear it, or your leadership role in your organization asks for your courageous conversations on a daily basis, here are some practical and language-specific ways to speak your truth.

5. Gratefulness as a Practice for Prosperity

Science and spirituality meet: why cultivating gratefulness in your organization will create not only a happier workplace but also a more profitable one.

6. 90,000 Hours: Showing Up for Work

Most of our challenge and despair in the workplace hinge on our inability to focus on the here-and-now, being fully present to dealing with organizational issues, people issues and business issues. Why those hours you work determine the kind of person you are in the world.

7. Why Technology Will Fail Us: Life Demands What No Machine Can Give

The pressure is on to become more automated, more globally focused, more tied in to the demands of a 24/7 relationship to technology and our work. Technology is our tool, not our boss. Strategies for a counterintuitive relationship to your electronic devices.

8. Principles for Wholehearted Leadership: Engagement instead of Exhaustion

Why don’t we do what we know we should do: cultivate balance, take care of ourselves, be patient, lead from the front . . .? We’ve lost track of our wholeheartedness which leads to tired, less effective leadership and communication.

Sample Thematic Topics

1. Trust
2. Faith
3. Resilience
4. Authenticity
5. Connection
6. Hope
7. Personal Narrative

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