This is the gold standard retainer for working one-on-one with Libby, and is especially useful in times of change, transition or high-risk.

Many of Libby’s clients take advantage of regular, quick access to Libby’s insight, ideas and practical advice. In fact, some have suggested a secret-service type ear bud so she can whisper in their ears, helping them to say just the right things at the right time! Having Libby as your Trusted Advisor is the next, best thing.

Having a trusted advisor is more than a professional development opportunity; it is an insurance policy. It gives you exclusive access to my expert counsel so you can tackle the most critical challenges and seize emerging opportunities in real time. I can be the special someone at your side with the experience and resources for taking on crucial issues, making difficult decisions, and navigating complex terrain.

I bring a vast variety of experience to bear on our interactions, which I use to illuminate options that will help you see your circumstances from new angles, so you can be sure that you have given solid consideration to impact and consequences before you move.

My role as a trusted advisor can be behind the scenes, as an invisible confidante, or more public. I can join you in meetings with partners or team members, high-value stakeholders, or managers.

Some of the roles I provide include:

1. A sounding board for strategy and tactical decisions

2. An idea and technique source

3. A devil’s advocate on key moves

4. A third-party objective review

5. A support system for accountability

6. A responsive expert for questions and advice

Libby delivers a unique brand of management consulting services that enhance a leadership team’s skills by encouraging more creativity in communication and thought patterns. By firmly merging artistic impulses with management techniques, and inspiring managers to view the world around through the lens of a poet as she does, Libby encourages more warmth and humanity in the increasingly detached relationship between manager and workers in American businesses. She is a unique figure in a highly competitive field, and she is equally effective working with executives at Fortune 500 companies as she is in helping a small business owner bring focus and new life to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Shahar Plinner
CEO, GPL Tax & Accounting, Inc.

Ms. Wagner is able to help her clients’ businesses succeed by helping people to better communicate with skills that will not only help them be better at their jobs, but will help them to be better people. She combines her Influencing Options — which truly helps people learn how to identify issues as they arise, and how to communicate constructively when issues to arise — with her poetry, to create a wholly new inspirational model for how people can work and communicate with respect for each other.

Jamie Stone
President, Gifts By Design, Inc.

Recently, Libby led a two-day Team Agreement summit at our company. We design and manufactures travel bags and backpacks in our own factory in Seattle, and our company is diverse: we have Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cantonese as well as English speakers. The Team Agreement process – 40 employees speaking those four languages, with translators – was fascinating and immensely rewarding. We learned from our employees how our company could better support their work and we heard from our employees just how much they recognize our company for its philosophy, working environment and mission. One might’ve thought that the multiple languages would’ve been a hindrance, but somehow Libby organized the event so that it was the opposite. Even the translators complemented us on the process.

This is an especially noteworthy example because one of the things we’ve always appreciated about working with Libby is her support and appreciation for our dedication to manufacturing our products in Seattle – past consultants had advised us to move production overseas to reap greater profits, but Libby sees the bigger picture and positive impact our company has on the local economy, and appreciates that’s just not something we want to do.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

We’d given up hope finding a business consultant that would “get us” – a consultant who would understand our entrepreneurial spirit, our commitment to strive to do the “right thing”, a consultant that would support our company by helping to establish the structure that would support our rapid growth.

And then we were referred to Libby Wagner by a trusted friend. When we first began to work with Libby, we were cautiously optimistic, and in the first two months working together, that cautious optimism turned into solid trust and, well, awe.

Libby not only “gets” us – she knows us and truly values the things that make us who we are and set us apart from the competition. We’re innovators and Libby truly supports that: she recognizes that risk is a part of business, a part of the creative process.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated