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Leading in the post-modern world means you have to enter into an entirely different sort of conversation with your teams, your customers, yourself, and the horizon. You cannot have transformative growth in your organization, market, or mission if you continue to utilize the same tired language, thinking, or methodologies of the past.
I help executives create dramatic, memorable impact by becoming more creative, innovative and visionary in their leadership. This poetry of persuasion helps you move your people to unprecedented commitment, action and results.


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Libby’s reach is not limited to our local community, but across the US, having shared her stories and teachings similarly in Atlanta, Boston, Silicon Valley and Cleveland. She has been a champion for leadership and personal growth across Philips and her Influencing Options approach has been adopted by countless managers. I couldn’t even begin to quantify her impact on the 40,000 Philips North America employees as her message disseminates from program participants to staff and beyond.

Tami Lambert
Transformation Consultant / WINergy Seattle co-Founder / Sr. Operations Manager – Global Logistics, Philips North America

Libby has become the trainer of choice for Philips WINergy in North America. She is engaging, thoughtful, poignant and passionate! She goes above and beyond to ensure each participant is impacted by the message and walks away feeling energized and ready to deploy new skills. She is flexible, adaptive and a true delight to plan meetings with. Through personal story telling, Libby takes us through her life journey, giving us all courage to be bold, true to ourselves, to take risks, and embody the spirit of entrepreneurism.

Tami Lambert
Transformation Consultant / WINergy Seattle co-Founder / Sr. Operations Manager – Global Logistics, Philips North America

Libby’s been a tremendous influence on my life. I’ve been touched by her personal feedback and encouragement and her assistance in building my network. I regularly share her teachings while mentoring and coaching colleagues and her methods helped me to secure a coveted new role within Philips.

As a small business owner she is an inspiration for women considering breaking free from corporate America. She emulates how taking a risk to follow your heart can never be wrong. How working hard to grow and build, to evolve to meet market needs and being genuine can really pay off.

Tami Lambet
Transformation Consultant / WINergy Seattle co-Founder / Sr. Operations Manager – Global Logistics, Philips North America

Libby delivers a unique brand of management consulting services that enhance a leadership team’s skills by encouraging more creativity in communication and thought patterns. By firmly merging artistic impulses with management techniques, and inspiring managers to view the world around through the lens of a poet as she does, Libby encourages more warmth and humanity in the increasingly detached relationship between manager and workers in American businesses. She is a unique figure in a highly competitive field, and she is equally effective working with executives at Fortune 500 companies as she is in helping a small business owner bring focus and new life to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Shahar Plinner
CEO, GPL Tax & Accounting, Inc.

Libby is, amongst many other things, a poet who uses poetry in the corporate world to talk about and work with the deep issues of people’s lives as it relates to their work, creativity in the workplace and entrepreneurial courage.

Upon meeting Libby I told her about my involvement with  ‘Young Women Empowered,’ an organization that fosters leadership in teen women. She became immediately interested in our organization as girl empowerment had been a passion of hers for a long time.

I have been impressed with Libby’s sustained commitment to our young women. Her dream is to leave young women with the legacy of the work she has worked so hard to create. We are in the process of developing a way to bring this work, which is as the center of her business, to our organization.  She has generously offered her training program to our staff, which would enable us to have a person internally to train our young women in her work.  Having access to this work will help us reach our mission of empowering young women to step up as leaders in their families, schools and communities.  She is a great believer in the power of young women’s voices.

Libby is one of those amazing women who combines her entrepreneurial spirit, her business acumen, and community involvement in her work.

Leslie Cotter MD
Advisory Board President, Young Women Empowered

What better business to be in than one that facilitates leaders and the organizations they serve in seeing greater possibilities for themselves? And Libby doesn’t stop there; step by thoughtful step she enables leaders and their teams to move gracefully into those possibilities with confidence and compassion (a marvelous combination if you ask me).

My personal and professional experience with Libby reveals her as a woman of skill and insight into human needs and aspirations. This knowledge allows leaders like myself to harness the collective talents of my staff and lead volunteers for powerful ends.

I can’t say enough good things about Libby Wagner!

Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD
Senior Minister & Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living

Ms. Wagner is able to help her clients’ businesses succeed by helping people to better communicate with skills that will not only help them be better at their jobs, but will help them to be better people. She combines her Influencing Options — which truly helps people learn how to identify issues as they arise, and how to communicate constructively when issues to arise — with her poetry, to create a wholly new inspirational model for how people can work and communicate with respect for each other.

Jamie Stone
President, Gifts By Design, Inc.

Having known and worked with Libby for several years now, I can personally attest to how much she had influenced and helped me to direct my company’s path to reach our goals, and has done the same for many other companies as well.

She is one of the most creative, intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and ethical people that I have ever known. She has the innate ability to get people to open up to her and to trust her, so that she can get to the heart of the issues that are keeping teams from being as successful as they can be.

Her business combines her amazing ability to isolate issues within a company that keep them from reaching their desired goals, and to then help align each and every employee with the company’s goals. This can sometimes mean telling the boss (that hired her) that they specifically need to make behavioral changes in order for their company to be successful, so this is not a business for the faint of heart!

Jamie Stone
President, Gifts By Design, Inc.

For over 3 years, Libby has contributed to educating and inspiring thousands of independent retail dealers with her insightful column “Culture Coach” published monthly in The Retail Observer magazine.

The world of appliance, furniture and electronics retail can easily be described as a male-dominated industry, so Libby has given our magazine a fresh, feminine perspective that was very much needed. As the Publisher, many of our readers share with me their appreciation for her unique, warm and caring approach to leading teams and how it has motivated them to change the way they comunicate for the better.

It is no surprise why I have watched her business flourish. Independent dealers are entrepreneurs at heart and are looking for passionate, positive & uplifting people to lead them into new areas and ways of thinking that will help strengthen their businesses. This type of authenticity is hard to find, but Libby has got it!

Eliana Barriga
Publisher – The Retail Observer

I’ve recently stepped into a greater leadership role within our company. Libby’s coaching and expertise has been invaluable as I have made this transition. At 31, I am our Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, and I am seeing our company through much of its rapid growth. I’m also a woman, guardian of two rescue dogs, and avid hiker and appreciator of the outdoors. Libby recognizes all of these things, and as she often says, she thinks of the goal of work/life balance to be less about a balancing act between two separate lives and more a process of integration: our joy in work and life must meet and give a little bit to each other and in return. Libby’s coaching and, ultimately, her example, illustrate this principle for me. When I see someone as passionate about their work as Libby, I see not their “work”, but their life’s work, their mission, their passion, their meaning. In Libby’s example, I see someone who not only given herself the quest of a full life’s mission and joy, but also the quest of helping others realize theirs as well.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

Recently, Libby led a two-day Team Agreement summit at our company. We design and manufactures travel bags and backpacks in our own factory in Seattle, and our company is diverse: we have Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cantonese as well as English speakers. The Team Agreement process – 40 employees speaking those four languages, with translators – was fascinating and immensely rewarding. We learned from our employees how our company could better support their work and we heard from our employees just how much they recognize our company for its philosophy, working environment and mission. One might’ve thought that the multiple languages would’ve been a hindrance, but somehow Libby organized the event so that it was the opposite. Even the translators complemented us on the process.

This is an especially noteworthy example because one of the things we’ve always appreciated about working with Libby is her support and appreciation for our dedication to manufacturing our products in Seattle – past consultants had advised us to move production overseas to reap greater profits, but Libby sees the bigger picture and positive impact our company has on the local economy, and appreciates that’s just not something we want to do.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

We’d given up hope finding a business consultant that would “get us” – a consultant who would understand our entrepreneurial spirit, our commitment to strive to do the “right thing”, a consultant that would support our company by helping to establish the structure that would support our rapid growth.

And then we were referred to Libby Wagner by a trusted friend. When we first began to work with Libby, we were cautiously optimistic, and in the first two months working together, that cautious optimism turned into solid trust and, well, awe.

Libby not only “gets” us – she knows us and truly values the things that make us who we are and set us apart from the competition. We’re innovators and Libby truly supports that: she recognizes that risk is a part of business, a part of the creative process.

Darcy Gray
Vice President and CCO, TOM BIHN Incorporated

I found the session with Owen and Libby inspiring and thought provoking.  I think the idea of connecting music,  stories and poetry with communication and self expression is excellent. I really enjoyed the way the session was facilitated,  it allowed you to escape and think,  yet have the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings with others in a safe environment.

Aileen Markey
EVP, HR Director Global Human Resources, IPG Mediabrands

Over the course of a very captivating evening, Owen and Libby got us all thinking and sharing about how we find ourselves living our lives through their novel approach of song and poetry, mixed with question. There was no right or wrong answer to the queries. They are both highly talented and charismatic performers so it was both very enjoyable and thought provoking. Through music and the spoken word, different parts of our being were accessed which helped us articulate our hopes and fears in a different way by coming at them from a more oblique angle. I think we, the participants, surprised ourselves by what we found ourselves sharing. It was a very supportive and trusting environment.
Brendan C.
Director and Playwright

Owen and Libby’s unique blend of music, poetry, and conversation slows down time for a little while. It creates a space for deeper reflection upon our place in the world and the vision of who we want to be.

Marie O Reilly
International Peace Institute

Having worked closely with Owen for the past five years, and recently having collaborated with Libby, I feel the work they are now embarking on together is sure to create a beautiful understanding of the way the power of the arts can transform individual and organizational life.

David Whyte
International poet & author of The Three Marriages and The Heart Aroused

Enliven your heart and mind through the verdant poetry and song of Libby and Owen. Wit, warmth and gracious openings to be had by all.


Meg Malloy
Retired Wall Street Analyst, Biotechnology

“Working with Libby for the last six months has been the most transformative experience of my career. Libby has supported me through launching my business and has catapulted my success. I learn from every conversation, story and experience with Libby. She has given me the gift of finding my true voice and taught me the powerful impact of language in both business and life.

Anyone who has the privilege to work with Libby will look back and wonder what they did without her!”

Val Wright
President, Val Wright Consulting, LLC

“I knew that Libby would be able to coach me well on how to build a consulting business and how to successfully market myself. What I failed to realize was how well her talents as a writer and speaker would help me find exactly the right words to connect with clients.   She intuitively knew my style, and coached me on what to say in specific situations. Where I couldn’t find the words, Libby was able to put herself in my shoes and model which questions would be most powerful to ask, and what follow up responses and stories would be most compelling. And as she taught me, my confidence increased, which made me more successful as I went after new business!  Libby is truly a gifted coach and linguist.”
Beverly Emerson
President, Olive Tree Product Development

“Libby’s poetry exemplifies the power of the medium; it’s emotionally resonant and captures a feeling or a mood in a way that no other art form can. By providing an explanation/ narrative alongside, it gives the reader a context which in no way denigrates or undermines the power or the artistry of the poetry, but opens a window into the poet’s imagination and draws you further into the work. If only more gifted artists were as generous in sharing their creative intentions. Particularly in the area of poetry, which can have such emotional impact and yet is often dismissed by people as too hard/intellectual.”

Liz Cox

“Libby has changed the way I think about poetry. No longer is it the tedious, arduous requirement of my childhood English class. Instead it is a vibrant, almost musical expression of the wonders of the world all around us.”

Charles Day

“We absolutely loved the book! It makes poetry accessible to so many more people, and removes the pseudo elitism that so many poets hide behind. I think you are unquestionably redefining how people perceive poetry.”

“Thanks for doing this for poetry. Inspiring and Compelling.”

Alison Swan

“I just have to tell you how much I loved your book!  It’s so unusual to be able to get inside the poet’s head to understand more about the intent.  I absolutely loved it. It really made me happy reading them!”

Jamie Stone
President, Gifts By Design

“I wanted to bring in larger, longer-term contracts. Goal accomplished! Within two months of working with Libby, my business transformed. I had numerous contracts in place throughout the year, giving me a newfound sense of financial security. Libby became a valued treasure for me. Whenever I had a question, she always provided valuable feedback and advice. I found myself often writing down her exact words, because she use of language was direct, respectful and spot on. If you want to grow and learn, work with Libby Wagner.”

Jean Hamilton
Speaking Results Founder & Principal

“Thank you for presenting a superb presentation at the CRLA conference in October. You are to be commended for a fine presentation in every respect. Thank you for enriching our knowledge with your greater knowledge.”

Karen S. Agee, Ph.D.
President CRLA

“We appreciate your wonderful speech, the inspiring message, and the kind, powerful delivery. They were words of wisdom from which all attendees could benefit.”

Executive Support Group Members
Dept. of Corrections State of Washington

“Libby, working with you has changed my life. I learned to open my eyes, be clear with others and demand to clearly see the truth. I wish more people had the opportunity to spend time with you.”

Tim Rants
OilTrap Environmental Products Inc.

“Libby helped our team trust each other and communicate more effectively, and start to work as a team again. As a result, sales are up and attitudes are too.”

Jamie Stone
President Gifts By Design, Inc.

“Libby quickly won over the employees with her knowledge and sense of humor. She was able to stand her ground, but more importantly was her ability to recognize a teaching moment and run with it. She is well respected and continues to be sought after by staff.”

Captain John McGrath
Detention Services Commander Spokane County Sheriff’s Office

“Ms. Wagner was contracted to work with a staff historically unable to communicate with one another professionally and personally. She worked closely with me and my Instructional Facilitator to self-diagnosis our staff’s strengths and challenges. Her expertise enabled her to see clearly the path toward healing we would take. She set to work immediately building the relationships with our teacher leaders to create anchors for the work.”

Delores Beason
Principal Gault and First Creek Middle Schools

“I was a bit uneasy bringing a coach into the organization because prior coaching experiences had delivered large bills without much to show for the expense. Working with Libby has been a breath of fresh air. Libby guided our team to agreement on the culture we wanted as a team and as an organization. She also provided us with communication tools (Core Dimensions and Influencing Skills) applicable to any communication — be it work, home, or social events”

Mike Hassing
CEO Family Health Centers

“I am writing to formally thank you and acknowledge the extraordinary mentoring that I received from you. What a gift! I am appreciative of your wisdom, patience, and sharing of your experiences. I am continuing to work with the many models you shared.”

Lyn L. Jeffress
President & CEO Imagined Future, Inc.

“Thank you for your participation as speaker at the Washington Society of CPAs Seattle Chapter meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent and expertise with us. Again, thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation.”

Maria Carrion-Ochoa
CPA CPE Chair WSCPA Seattle Chapter

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