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Owen and Libby’s unique blend of music, poetry, and conversation slows down time for a little while. It creates a space for deeper reflection upon our place in the world and the vision of who we want to be.

Marie O Reilly International Peace Institute

Having worked closely with Owen for the past five years, and recently having collaborated with Libby, I feel the work they are now embarking on together is sure to create a beautiful understanding of the way the power of the arts can transform individual and organizational life.

David Whyte International poet & author of The Three Marriages and The Heart Aroused

Enliven your heart and mind through the verdant poetry and song of Libby and Owen. Wit, warmth and gracious openings to be had by all.


Meg Malloy Retired Wall Street Analyst, Biotechnology

“Working with Libby for the last six months has been the most transformative experience of my career. Libby has supported me through launching my business and has catapulted my success. I learn from every conversation, story and experience with Libby. She has given me the gift of finding my true voice and taught me the powerful impact of language in both business and life.

Anyone who has the privilege to work with Libby will look back and wonder what they did without her!”

Val Wright President, Val Wright Consulting, LLC
“I knew that Libby would be able to coach me well on how to build a consulting business and how to successfully market myself. What I failed to realize was how well her talents as a writer and speaker would help me find exactly the right words to connect with clients.   She intuitively knew my style, and coached me on what to say in specific situations. Where I couldn’t find the words, Libby was able to put herself in my shoes and model which questions would be most powerful to ask, and what follow up responses and stories would be most compelling. And as she taught me, my confidence increased, which made me more successful as I went after new business!  Libby is truly a gifted coach and linguist.”
Beverly Emerson President, Olive Tree Product Development

“Libby’s poetry exemplifies the power of the medium; it’s emotionally resonant and captures a feeling or a mood in a way that no other art form can. By providing an explanation/ narrative alongside, it gives the reader a context which in no way denigrates or undermines the power or the artistry of the poetry, but opens a window into the poet’s imagination and draws you further into the work. If only more gifted artists were as generous in sharing their creative intentions. Particularly in the area of poetry, which can have such emotional impact and yet is often dismissed by people as too hard/intellectual.”

Liz Cox

“Libby has changed the way I think about poetry. No longer is it the tedious, arduous requirement of my childhood English class. Instead it is a vibrant, almost musical expression of the wonders of the world all around us.”

Charles Day

“We absolutely loved the book! It makes poetry accessible to so many more people, and removes the pseudo elitism that so many poets hide behind. I think you are unquestionably redefining how people perceive poetry.”

“Thanks for doing this for poetry. Inspiring and Compelling.”

Alison Swan

“I just have to tell you how much I loved your book!  It’s so unusual to be able to get inside the poet’s head to understand more about the intent.  I absolutely loved it. It really made me happy reading them!”

Jamie Stone President, Gifts By Design

“I wanted to bring in larger, longer-term contracts. Goal accomplished! Within two months of working with Libby, my business transformed. I had numerous contracts in place throughout the year, giving me a newfound sense of financial security. Libby became a valued treasure for me. Whenever I had a question, she always provided valuable feedback and advice. I found myself often writing down her exact words, because she use of language was direct, respectful and spot on. If you want to grow and learn, work with Libby Wagner.”

Jean Hamilton Speaking Results Founder & Principal

“Thank you for presenting a superb presentation at the CRLA conference in October. You are to be commended for a fine presentation in every respect. Thank you for enriching our knowledge with your greater knowledge.”

Karen S. Agee, Ph.D. President CRLA

“We appreciate your wonderful speech, the inspiring message, and the kind, powerful delivery. They were words of wisdom from which all attendees could benefit.”

Executive Support Group Members Dept. of Corrections State of Washington

“Libby, working with you has changed my life. I learned to open my eyes, be clear with others and demand to clearly see the truth. I wish more people had the opportunity to spend time with you.”

Tim Rants OilTrap Environmental Products Inc.

“Libby helped our team trust each other and communicate more effectively, and start to work as a team again. As a result, sales are up and attitudes are too.”

Jamie Stone President Gifts By Design, Inc.

“Libby quickly won over the employees with her knowledge and sense of humor. She was able to stand her ground, but more importantly was her ability to recognize a teaching moment and run with it. She is well respected and continues to be sought after by staff.”

Captain John McGrath Detention Services Commander Spokane County Sheriff's Office

“Ms. Wagner was contracted to work with a staff historically unable to communicate with one another professionally and personally. She worked closely with me and my Instructional Facilitator to self-diagnosis our staff’s strengths and challenges. Her expertise enabled her to see clearly the path toward healing we would take. She set to work immediately building the relationships with our teacher leaders to create anchors for the work.”

Delores Beason Principal Gault and First Creek Middle Schools

“I was a bit uneasy bringing a coach into the organization because prior coaching experiences had delivered large bills without much to show for the expense. Working with Libby has been a breath of fresh air. Libby guided our team to agreement on the culture we wanted as a team and as an organization. She also provided us with communication tools (Core Dimensions and Influencing Skills) applicable to any communication — be it work, home, or social events”

Mike Hassing CEO Family Health Centers

“I am writing to formally thank you and acknowledge the extraordinary mentoring that I received from you. What a gift! I am appreciative of your wisdom, patience, and sharing of your experiences. I am continuing to work with the many models you shared.”

Lyn L. Jeffress President & CEO Imagined Future, Inc.

“Thank you for your participation as speaker at the Washington Society of CPAs Seattle Chapter meeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent and expertise with us. Again, thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation.”

Maria Carrion-Ochoa CPA CPE Chair WSCPA Seattle Chapter

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Why Hire A Poet to Help Your Company?

Recently, I found myself on a blind date. After the awkward settling in at the table, perfunctory introductions and basics, my date began talking about his business, his travels to Japan, his grown children, his previous jobs, his hobbies. I really was trying to focus, but his voice had this lulling effect. Finally, he seemed to remember that he didn’t actually know me…

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Let me be able for this

    …Which is why I rise early in the pre-dawn before anyone, or anything can tell me otherwise, and I send this wish out on quiet consonants, over rooftops, the mountains in the distance, pink with hope and honor. Let me be able for this… – Excerpt from ‘Somehow’ from Somehow: New and Selected…

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      How are you holding the conversation with your life? Sometimes we feel like outsiders to our own existence, going through the motions, paying alms at the Church of Busyness and exhausted by a sense of overwhelm. How can you enter into this relationship with yourself, your work and your time in a…